virus removal

We provide services for a wide array of problems, technology, products and your needs. Virus Removal, tech support, projects, networking, web services, etc.  Please look over some examples of what we can do.

Tech support: Assisting with problems that arise and resolving them in a timely manner. Virus removal, upgrades, data transfers or instruction on how to use hardware and software… Whatever problem that arises. Service Level Agreements available to ensure top priority of your business.

Hardware: Recommendations, purchasing, installation, maintenance, upgrades and repairs. Desktops, laptops, servers or specialty devices. Microsoft Windows, Apple or Linux.

Software: Assessing your needs, migrating existing software and services and updating applications to keep you running at peak efficiency.

Wireless: Complete WiFi solutions that will besecure and flexible. Multiple wireless networks, guest access, site to site links and expandability.

Networking: Connecting all your PC’s, Servers, Macs, Linux units, Printers, Scanners, mobile devices and specialty equipment to a fast network, tailored to suit your organization’s needs. Email services, domain and web, IP telephones, remote connectivity, smart card security, router, switch, firewall configurations and support. Data Center support for remote businesses also available.

Website and Social Media: Custom Website design, site improvements and changes. Improving SEO, creating, monitoring and updating social media, securing and maintaining websites and keeping up with compliance.

Security:   Security systems, IP surveillance cameras, Digital video recorders, network video recorders, setting up remote viewing and access and home automation.

Virtualization:   Moving your tech to a virtual platform to reduce amount of hardware, increase uptime, availability and saving you money! Designing, creating, migration and administration.

Project management: Major transitions or implementations for your business. Migration to Exchange Online, Home automation, HIPAA compliancy, Security cameras, expanding connectivity in the office and many other types of projects.

Backup and disaster recovery: Solutions to protect your data in case of unexpected events or needs. Analysis, implementation and monitoring.

And much, much more. Just ask us!